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Hungary Travel Video Guide: Hungary has always marched to a different drummer -- speaking a language, preparing dishes and drinking wines like no others. It's Europe at its most exotic.

Hungary Travel's scenery is more gentle than striking, more pretty than stunning. But you can't say the same thing about the built environment across the land. Architecturally Hungary is a treasure trove, with everything from Roman ruins and medieval town houses to baroque churches, neoclassical public buildings and Art Nouveau bathhouses and schools. And we're not just talking about Budapest here; walk through Szeged or Kecskemét, Debrecen or Sopron and you'll discover an architectural gem at virtually every turn. Some people (ourselves included) go out of their way for another glimpse of their 'hidden' favourites like the Reök Palace in Szeged, the buildings of Koszeg's Jurisics tér or the Mosque Church in Pécs. It is almost as if they're afraid these delightful structures will crumble and disappear unless they are regularly drenched in admiring glances.

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